AT 2017: Class of The Appalachian River

366.9: Middle of night: hoot owl freak fest over campsite🦉 – Greasy Creek Gap, TN

370.1: Little Rock Knob Vista, TN

376.9: Cloudland Hotel was a classy place in the 1880’s – Cloudland hotel site, TN/NC

388.2: We have to go up that???! – Hump Mountain, NC

390.7: Adios North Carolina! – Doll Flats, NC

394: POTTED: Pre-breakfast anticipation – Mountain Harbour B&B, TN

394: BREAKFAST: eating this well makes all those mountains worth it – Mountain Harbour B&B, TN

396.1: Moving on up! – Meadow, Roan Mountain, TN

418.8: LUNCH: by the water with a friend 😎 🦐- Pond Mountain Wilderness, TN

427: TRAIL MAGIC: in the form of a shower and a place to stay at a donation based camp! This family rocks! ✌️ – Dividing Ridge Campground, TN

436.1 REUNITED: GS + MS + CK + AT = Shenanigans Part 2 – Vandeventer Shelter, TN

442.9 SIZE MATTERS: Ode to Goddesses of Dirty Girls – Iron Mountain Shelter, TN

454.0: FOOD MOTIVATION: “Hurry Hurry. Beer, Burgers, Hot Dogs.” Trail magic in the rain. – Low Gap, TN

Past Hikers/Trail Angels left to right: Bubba, Lunch, Mrs. Looper, Looper, Mack, Mobius

Off 469.2: PRIORITIES: Out of the rain and into the beer – Damascus Brewing Co, Damascus, VA

469.2: TRAIL WISDOM: “I need you to listen to two things. When you’re out there, always have fun on the trail and always take candy from strangers.” – Lumpy of Damascus – Mount Rogers Outfitters, Damascus, VA

454.0: FINISHING: 15 wet miles into Damascus – Low Gap, TN

457.4: THE LOVE SHACK: Break from rain for some Swiss treats – Queens Knob Shelter, TN

465.3: Another one bites the dust: TN/VA border

458.8: Fox40 eats unidentified mushroom at recommendation of partially naked hiker in shelter 🦊 🍄 – Abingdon Shelter, TN

Off 469.2: Good Vibes, Cheese Conies and Red Cups rolling around – The Broken Fiddle Hostel & Inn, Damascus, VA

Off 469.2: EAT CAKE FOR BREAKFAST … and champagne, disguised in a coffee thermos. People think we’re not living in the lap of luxury anymore, they’re wrong. – Mojo’s Cafe, Damascus, VA

474.6: THE SCARE: “Who does that!? What kind of woodpecker hides under a log!? Come on!” – Off the Virginia Creeper Trail, VA

478.6: APPALACHIAN TRAIL ASS HAT: (n.) 1. Person who shits 20 feet from a privy and still doesn’t dig a hole. – Saunders Shelter, VA

489.8: Big Buzzard Rock – Whitetail Mountain, VA

499.8: WILD PONIES 🐎 – Grayson Highlands, VA

506.7: ‘Cross a small stream.’ – Guthook’s … Unless it rains, in which case, you cross a small wetland. – small stream, Little Wilson Creek Wilderness, VA

509.2: That tent life – Old Orchard Shelter, VA

517.2: LUNCH: Water is life – Comers Creek Falls, VA

532.6: THE FIRST HITCH: Thanks Four Fingers & Screw Loose! – Mount Rogers Nat. Rec. HQ, VA

532.6: Typical thru-hike resupply: photoed here, Sméagol – Mount Rogers Nat. Rec. HQ, VA

554.1: ZEROS AREN’T ALWAYS PLANNED: this place feels like hanging out at home! And breakfast is killer…Almost convinced to work-for-stay a third night – Quarter Way Inn, VA

556.6: TRAIL WISDOM (with a side of oatmeal cream pie): “Every up has some downs and every down has some ups.” – Lumbermack, former thru-hiker, owner Dreamweaver Hostel – VA RT 42, VA

583.1: TRAIL MAGIC: Meatball Subs and all the resupply you could wish for! In memory of J-Bird, thru-hiker circa 2010.

603.0: WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED: When you go to sleep with dry Creek beds and wake up on a peninsula – campsite, VA

610.3: Cinco De Mayo trail style – Dismal Falls, VA

614.0 If you can’t beat it, embrace it and walk right through it: APPALACHIAN RIVER…err, I mean trail – Somewhere in VA

616.5: TRAIL WISDOM: “Home is where you hang your food bag.” – Wapiti Shelter, VA

Off 635.3: Angel’s Rest Hiker Hostel courtesy of Dr. Peppa – Pearisburg, VA

655.9: Respect This House – The Captain’s Place, VA

667.4: Meet Tailgate who turns the phrase, “Harper’s Ferry or bust” … Because Katahdin is too committal – War Sput Shelter, VA

673.3: Sometimes the trail is a river and sometimes the river is the trail – Laurel Creek, VA

676.9: “Oh I’m king of the trees, I’m the treemeister. I count on them”: The oldest oak this side of the AT. Estimated to be over 300! – Keffer Oak, VA

679.6: Goes down hill for water…let’s not go back up today shall we? – Sarver Hollow Shelter, VA

683.0: Eastern Continental Divide

685.6: TRAIL TRUTH: “Roses are black, Virginia is flat. The next person that says that, is getting bitch slapped.” – Niday Shelter, VA

690.1: “Akward Turtle”: this one’s for you Em! First turtle! 🐢 – Brush Mountain East Wilderness, VA

700.1: Just a couple of mountain goats – Ledges, Dragon’s Tooth, VA

702.3: TRAIL MAGIC: Honey Badger shares beer and donuts! – VA RT 624

Off 702.3: Cherry coke, pop-tarts and chips ahoy. The breakfast of champion hikers – Four Pines Hostel, VA

712.0: McAfee Knob, VA

717.1: Tinker Cliffs, VA

725.4: Views – somewhere near Daleville, VA

729.2: #Brewhiker – Flying Mouse Brewery, Daleville, VA

Peace, Love & Hiking 🤘


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